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Our poetry books focus on poetry for the mainstream and increase the acceptance and understanding of this beautiful medium

The Poetry of Travel


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Poetry is everywhere, and this book will journey through the various elements of travel such as destinations, packing, backpacking, kids, food, cultures, accommodations, planes, trains, automobiles, buses, boats and camels.

We will voyage throughout the continents, and with humor in tow, learn to understand why we always want to get away, and why we can't wait to get home.

Whether you appreciate poetry, understand it, or have no idea why poetry even exists except to plague you in high school, this book is an easy to understand format, that takes the raw essence of situations, and presents them to you. For the traveler, dreamer or discoverer in your life, this will be a great addition to any library.

ISBN: 0-9731832-2-5
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