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Our poetry books focus on poetry for the mainstream and increase the acceptance and understanding of this beautiful medium


Look for our entire line of Poetry books designed for every day experiences, events and activities. Our book series is designed to help everyone to understand and be able to appreciate this beautiful medium.

Book titles include:

The Poetry of Business

ISBN: 0-9731832-2-5

Feel the Bright Light

ISBN: 0-97327624-7-4

The Future Looks Bright

ISBN: 0-9732762-7-4

The Poetry of Travel
The Poetry of Marriage
The Poetry of Birth
The Poetry of Relationships
The Poetry of Love
The Poetry of Children
The Poetry of Food
The Poetry of Sports

ISBN: 0-9731832-2-5

ISBN: 0-9731832-3-3
ISBN: 0-9731832-4-1
ISBN: 0-9731832-5-X
ISBN: 0-9731832-6-8
ISBN: 0-9731832-7-6
ISBN: 0-9731832-8-4
ISBN: 0-9731832-1-5

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