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Innersurf publishing is dedicated to promoting material and authors who emanate spirituality and promote the betterment of society

The Poetry of Business

Tracy Lynn Repchuk
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Corporate Workshop
Discover your true career in just 5 minutes a day!

The Poetry of Business takes you from your first resume, through your midlife crisis, to retirement and beyond, so that no matter where you are within the progressive cycle of your career, you will know by the final chapter where you want to be!

Varying styles of poetry, complete with lessons, samples, pictures, and insight exercises serve as a powerful combination to touch you emotionally and tap into your intuition so that you start to listen beyond the words to a universal force so accurate, you'll feel like the luckiest person alive. Things will just go your way, you'll run into the right people, the information you need will appear at your fingertips and you'll recognize opportunities that are meant for you.

Find out the real benefits of this book and how you can get 3 free reports too!
ISBN: 0-9731832-0-9
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