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Innersurf publishing is dedicated to promoting material and authors who eminate spirituality and promote the betterment of society

LuggageLizards World Tour


Tracy Lynn Repchuk


Teachers Guide
LuggageLizards World Tour is a book for 7-12 years olds and takes you through a journey of 14 countries. Beautiful macro view pictures represent a natural element and spiritual representation of the country. Each country is detailed in a rhyming couplet, which will help your child learn about the country in an easy to remember and enjoyable format.
#1 - Good Day, Eh? #8 - It's all Greek to Me
#2 - Land of the Free #9 - Ancient Egypt
#3 - British Empire #10 - Made in China
#4 - Tours de France #11 - Japanese Tradition
#5 - German Engineering #12 - Australian Outback
#6 - Swiss Accuracy #13 - Diamond in the Rough
#7 - Italian Ice #14 - Venezuelan Gold


ISBN: 0-9731832-0-9
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