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DOCNOT Originals are a unique blend of art and poetry that compliment any environment!

Free Gift

Win a free gift, it's fun!

Do you love to crack codes, get the "Big Picture", understand completely the full meaning of things?

Well here's your chance to hone your skills, and win a great gift too.

Be the first person to submit the correct 9 levels of any DOCNOT poem/picture combination, and you will win a FREE Set of 12 DOCNOT Originals Expression cards. Each one-of-a-kind art card is hand created and displays a photo taken by Dave Repchuk with words of inspiration from Tracy Repchuk.
They can also be framed for a really special gift. Each card comes with an envelope in a clear protective bag. Size: 5" W x 6.5" H.
This gift has a $120 value!

Simply read the hints provided in the legend, and post your answer to the FORUM. This maintains the accuracy of when each response is received. The winner will be notified on the board, and direct via e-mail.

It's a great opportunity to get something free for doing what you like. Now that's an awesome concept, don't you think?

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