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DOCNOT Originals are a unique blend of art and poetry that compliment any environment!

DOCNOC Gallery

World Tour

These pictures are slightly different than a pure DOCNOT Original. They are created in the same fashion,  an elemental representation of a country, in combination with a poem. The difference is they are not DOCNOT style poems, and the images can be seen in a book due to release November 2006 called "LuggageLizards World Tour". They are still original, one-of-a-kinds.

#1 - Great White North #8 - It's all Greek to Me
#2 - Land of the Free #9 - Ancient Egypt
#3 - British Empire #10 - Made in China
#4 - Tours de France #11 - Japanese Tradition
#5 - German Engineering #12 - G'Day Mates
#6 - Swiss Accuracy #13 - Diamond in the Rough
#7 - Italian Ice #14 - Venezuelan Gold

Each piece is $1200
Series II: Occupations January 2007


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