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Dave Repchuk was born in 1954 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He moved around the USA due to his fathers job, and eventually landed in Alberta at the age of 12.

Dave has been creating art since his studies at the Banff School of Fine Arts in 1972.

Currently his work is permanently on display at the DOCNOT Gallery.

He has participated in many cartoon and art projects, and is recently creating the illustrations for the Luggage Lizard series of books.
Dave Repchuk

His work appears in:
  • Illustrations - The Poetry of Business
  • Photography - Feel the Bright Light by Natalie Hartgers
  • Art - Luggage Lizards World Tour
  • Recent awards in Oct. 2004;
    • 1st place for Japanese Sun in Original Acrylic - Rockton World Fair
    • 1st place for original portrait drawing - Rockton World Fair
    • 1st place for watercolor - Rockton World Fair
    • 3rd place overall for Japanese Sun best of show - Rockton World Fair
    • Special Award and cash from framing house - Japanese Sun

      Glance at some of his work
  • President of Fine Arts Society of Milton
  • Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists
  • Member and Board of Director for Arts Milton
  • Member of Artists for a Better World
  • Oakville Arts Council

    Dave has appeared in various newspapers, publications and radio.

    A freelance illustrator he is available for many projects.
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